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Does stopping smoking mean putting on weight?
Paul Aveyard, NIHR career scientist, Department of Primary Care and General Practice, University of Birmingham, UK


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Paul Aveyard

Stopping smoking does mean putting on weight for many people. This talk will seek to give an evidence-based review of what proportion of people put on weight and how much weight they put on, and whether the period of excess weight gain is temporary or permanent. It will examine what the consequences are for health of the effects of this weight gain in terms of cardiovascular and respiratory health. The main data presented will be from a forthcoming Cochrane review of interventions to prevent weight gain led by Amanda Parsons from Birmingham University.

The review examines the influence of specific interventions to prevent weight gain, such as calorie restriction while stopping smoking, and pharmacological interventions that were given specifically to reduce weight gain. The talk will examine the influence of other pharmacological interventions that are given to assist smoking cessation, such as NRT, bupropion, and varenicline on weight gain while stopping smoking. Using these trials, we will examine the influence of these interventions on weight gain prevention at end of treatment and at one year.


About the presenter
Paul Aveyard is a public health physician and general practitioner. He works with others at Birmingham University on research in tobacco control, mostly in the area of smoking cessation. Their work in Birmingham includes trials of pharmaceuticals (nortriptyline and St John’s wort), which are currently in the process of publication, a trial of genetic testing in treatment of tobacco addiction, and a trial of outreach workers to encourage use of the stop smoking services. He is a member of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies.


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