UK National Smoking Cessation Conference - UKNSCC
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The conference is organised in conjunction with a wide range of supporting organisations in the field, who have contributed to the conference planning process. The organisations who have given their support to the UK National Smoking Cessation Conference are (in alphabetical order):

  Action on Smoking and Health  
  ASH Northern Ireland  
  ASH Scotland  
  ASH Wales  
  British Association for Stop Smoking Practitioners  
  British Heart Foundation  
  British Lung Foundation  
  Cancer Research UK  
  Cardio Wellness  
  Diabetes UK  
  Journal of Smoking Cessation  
  No Smoking Day  
  Pharmacy Health Link  
  Pip Mason Consultancy  



  Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation  
  Royal College of Nursing  
  Royal College of Physicians  
  Royal Society for Public Health  
  Smoking Cessation Service Research Network  
  Society for the Study of Addiction  
  The Stroke Association  


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