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Delegate list
In the run up to our conferences we maintain an online delegate list so delegates can check their registration/badge details. After the event, all delegates get a certificate of attendance, and the delegate list is left on the website as part of the permanent conference archive.



Last updated: 9th July 2010
Total number of delegates registered: 620

Surname First Name Job Title
Aclet Anthony Consultant Advisor/Health Lead 
Adams Ryan
Adamson Rachael T.M
Agarwal Vikas Associate Director, Formulation Development
Ager Katty Snr Health Improvement Specialist - Smoking Cessation
Almulla Dr Ahmad Consultant & Head of Smoking Cessation Clinic
Ameen Mohammed Pharmacist
Amos Amanda Professor of Health Promotion
Anastasi Natasha
Anderson Carol
Andrews Hilary Regional Development Manager - Smoking Cessation
Andrews Fiona Director
Arter Catherine Specialist Advisor
Askew Claire Stop Smoking Specialist
Attar-Zadeh Darush
Attwood Dr Angela
Austin Karen
Aveyard Paul NIHR Career Scientist
Avis-Dakin Bev  Specialist Smoking Cessation Advisor
Backham Ros GP Project Manager
Baggaley Mary Stop Smoking Advisor
Bailey Linda Consultant in Public Health
Baker Ian Director of NHS Services
Ball Alison Coordinator
Ball  Liz Clinical Team Leader - Targeted Services
Ballard Nicki Provider Manager
Bardgett Anne Deputy Manager/Lead Specialist
Barnett Cat
Bartle Natalie Smoking Advisor
Bates Linda PATH Projects Officer
Bauld Linda Professor of Social Policy
Baybutt Michelle
Beard Liz Account Manager
Beard Emma PhD Researcher
Beck Craig
Bekederemo Ebi Stop Smoking Specialist
Bell Miriam Perfomance Manager
Bickers Melanie Junior Consultant
Biggs Ginny Stop Smoking Advisor
Binnie Vivian Senior Clinical University Teacher
Bissell Emily Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Black Andrew
Blakey Lesley Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Blount Sophie Smoking Cessation Advisor
Bobak Dr Alex
Bodis Edit New Leaf Cluster Lead
Bohannon Aaron W.
Booker Liz Coordinator
Boyle Madge
Boyle Fiona
Bradburn Becky Brand Manager
Bradshaw Val
Brechin Joan Regional Business Manager
Brewer Carol Workplace Specialist
Brinch Jane  Public Health Advisor
Britton Alison
Broadfoot Barbara
Brodie Jill Tobacco Control Officer
Bromley Karen Stop Smoking Service Locality Advisor
Brown Darcy Health Improvement Lead   
Brown Bev
Brown Colin
Browne Deborah Kick the Habit Project Manager
Brownjohn Sharon Regional Training Officer
Bryony Jacqueline Service Manager
Buckland Jim  Smoking Cessation Trainer
Buoey Lynne Service Manager
Burke Jimmy Tobacco Control Commissioner
Burley Kate Smoking Advisor
Burroughs Gary Tobacco Control Strategy Manager
Bush Laura Stop Smoking Team Manager
Buxton Claire Community Stop Smoking Advisor
Campbell Rebecca Health Improvement Senior
Campbell Bernadette Smoking Cessation Administrator
Campbell Elaine
Campbell Mary Smoking Cessation Specialist
Campbell Christine
Campion Jonathan Consultant Psychiatrist
Carmichael Amanda
Carr  Neil Stop Smoking Advisor
Carrick Alison Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Cassidy Kay
Chambers Melanie
Chamley John
Chandler Janice Joint Commissioning Manager
Chapelle Dan Health Improvement Manager
Chappell Michael Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Cheung Lisa
Chew Penny Stop Smoking Facilitator
Churchill Sue
Churchill Don
Clark Dave Senior Policy & Campaigns Officer
Clarke Nicola Stop Smoking Facilitator
Clarke Karina
Clements Lara
Coats Gloria
Coburn June Stop Smoking Advisor
Colgan Vanessa
Collins Joanne Service Manager
Collins Kelly
Conlon Gregory
Constable Michelle Acting Assistant
Corbett Judy National Training & Development Manager
Coughlin Maureen Smoking Cessation Specialist Nurse
Crane Jodie Stop Smoking Service Manager
Crawford Ian Health Improvement Senior (Smoking Cessation)
Crawley Gerry Smoking Cessation Advisor
Cregan Patricia
Croghan Emma
Crossfield Andrea Regional Tobacco Policy Manager
Crowe Adam
Cullen Sue
Curley Alan
Das Scaley Operations Manager
Davies Lee
Davis Rachael Stop Smoking Facilitator
Day Sarah Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Delaney Marianne Territory Manager
Denham Rhona Health Promotion  
Denton Jill Smoking Cessation Coordinator
Devaney Laura Senior Medical Affairs Executive
DeVeaugh-Geiss Angela
Devine Maureen Health Improvement Practitioner (Smoking Cessation)
Dickens Andrea Head of Policy
Dixon Hazel Stop Smoking Specialist
Docherty Nancy Stop Smoking Service Manager
Dockrell Martin Director of Research & Policy
Dodson Louise
Doig Dr Mira V.
Donald Kirsten Health Improvement Practitioner
Donaldson Susan
Doshi Mr Viral V Consultant Pharmacist
Downey Elaine Stop Smoking Service Coordinator
Drake Nicky Training Manager
Drayson Emma
Dryden Christine Stop Smoking Service Manager
Duffy Sheila Chief Executive
Dunlop Fiona HI Lead Tobacco
Dunlop Mary
Dunn Samantha Health Improvement Worker
Dwyer Wendy Clinical Services Manager
Edun Jo
Edwards Melanie Smoking Cessation Lead
Edwards Sarah
Edwards Mike Local Account Manager
Edwards Neil Pharmacy Smokefree Services Manager
Edwards Damian Training Director
Einon Catherine Stop Smoking Specialist   
Elcome Wendy Health Development Manager
Elgar Alan
Elliott Dan Assistant Brand Manager - Nicotinell
Ellis Michelle Health Improvement Worker
Ellis Steven
Englishby Tracey Stop Smoking Coordinator
Ennis Eleanor Community Project Manager
Eustace Mr Ian
Evans Paul Product Specialist
Everard Anthony
Farnfield Tim Director
Farren Cecilia
Fearn Elvira
Feeney Joanna Stop Smoking Advisor
Fendall Lisa Specialist Midwife
Ferdinand Emma Stop Smoking Facilitator
Ferguson Janet
Ferguson Gus Stop Smoking Coordinator - Worthing & Adur Area
Ferry Mary
Few Rebekah Specialist Smoking Advisor
Feyerabend Dr Colin
Fidler Jenny Research Health Psychologist
Finlay Ruth Regional Development Manager
Finnie Anne Stop for Life Midwife
Fisher Liz Service Manager
Fleming Claire
Foot Sue
Forbes Gillian Health Improvement Practitioner  
Ford Claire Specialist Smoking Cessation Advisor
Ford Karen Health Research & Policy Advisor
Forward Terri
Fotheringham Graeme
Foulds Jonathan Professor
Fox Caroline
French Cathy
French Oliver Office Manager
Friel Brenda Health Improvement Senior (Tobacco Control)
Friel Janine Children's Services Resource Worker
Gaffney Mary
Galbraith Linsey
Galea Karen
Gallagher Annie Specialist Smoking Advisor
Galton Simon Public Health
Gandy Dr Rob NHS Healthcare Consultant
Garcia Percival
Gardiner Celia Programme Manager for Tobacco
Gates Francesca Brand Manager - Nicotinell
Gills Lisa Youth Project Manager
Godfrey Jenny Advisor
Goldenberg Suzanne
Gomard Tine Public Health Advisor
Good Patricia
Gowdy  Darren Smoking Cessation Advisor
Graham Suzanne
Graham Andy Deputy Head
Grainger Nicola Commissioning Officer for Prevention and Staying Healthy
Grainger Kevin
Grant Janet Service Development Nurse
Grant Smita Manager
Grierson Trish
Griffith Wendy Specialist Midwife
Gruer Laurence Director of Public Health Science
Guy Kerry Smoking Cessation Specialist 
Hackshaw Lucy Research Officer in Applied Health Policy Research
Halett Hazel
Halfpenny Deborah
Hall Celia Account Director
Halstead Jane
Hameed Waqas Community Stop Smoking Advisor
Hampson Jayne
Hampton Robert
Hanif Shahida Territory Manager
Hannah-Green Rachel Stop Smoking Specialist
Hardy David Service Manager
Harrington Julie Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor - pharmacy/dental
Harris Carol  
Harris Anna
Harrower Susan Smoking Cessation Coordinator
Haynes Rebecca
Head Andrew Regional Tobacco Policy Manager
Healey David Strategic Account Manager
Heath Kim Smoking Cessation Advisor
Henderson Katrina Public Health Pharmacy Facilitator
Hermon Yvonne Smoking & Pregnancy Coordinator
Hewitson Margaret Stop Smoking Service Coordinator
Hicks Linda Healthcare Development Manager
Hii Dr Su
Hill Richard Stop Smoking Nurse Advisor
Hill Sue Primary Care Facilitator
Hinde Annabel
Hobbs Rhiannon
Holden Clair  Lead Manager
Hollander Mark Stop Smoking Advisor
Holliday Tracey
Holloway Lauren
Hook Alison
Hooper Alison Stop Smoking Service Facilitator
Hopkin Jo Heath Improvement Practitioner
Horan Paul
Horne Rob  Director, Centre for Behavioural Medicine
Horton David Healthcare Development Manager
Houghton Irene Lung Health Check Project Manager
Hovenden Katie Head of Medicines Manager
Howard Lauren 
Howarth Ann Head of Smoking Services
Huckle Alison New Leaf Cluster Lead
Hughes Liz Regional Development Manager - Stop Smoking Services
Hughes Alex Stop Smoking Specialist
Hughes Lynne Smoking Cessation Nurse Lead - Workplaces
Hughes Trevor  
Hulme-Jones Kirsty Tobacco Control Coordinator
Hunter John Director
Hutchinson Eileen Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Ibbotson Andy
Imberger Anita Tobacco Strategy Coordinator
Inglis Jennie Clinical Research Nurse
Iringe-koko Belinda PhD Student
Jackson Paul Stop Smoking Service Manager
Jackson Anthea
Jennings Gillian Specialist Smoking Cessation Advisor
Jennison Zoe Specialist Smoking Cessation Advisor
Jetley Angharad Project Support Officer
Jimenez Araceli Sanchez Research Scientist
Johnson Susie
Jones Chris Specialist Advisor
Jones Tina Tobacco Control Manager
Jones Helen
Jones Laura UKCTCS Research Fellow
Jones Kaye Territory Manager
Jones David A
Jones Carole Press & Campaigns Manager
Jones Patrica
Joyce Janet Stop Smoking Advisor
Joyce Sue Specialist Advisor
Judd Mandy Account Manager
Kadva Shabana
Keighley Jeff Deputy Coordinator/ Pregnancy Lead for Smoking
Kennedy Val Smoking Cessation Advisor
Kent Pauline
Kenyon Jennie
Kerr Dr Susan Reader   
Khan Imran
Khatoon Jamila Senior Health Improvement Practitioner
Killip Debbie Stop Smoking Advisor
Kilner Lynne Associate Delivery Manager
King Andrew Managing Director
Kirby Hanna
Kirkpatrick Wendy LEGENDS: Service Coordinator
Kotz Daniel Epidemiologist & post-doc researcher
Lagan Nick
Langley Tessa Research Associate
Larabie M.D. Lynn Physician
Laughtland Diane Smoking Cessation Coordinator
Laverty Ms Louise
Lawman Hannah Healthcare Development Manager
Lawn Dr Sharon Senior Lecturer/Course Coordinator
Layng Amanda Stop Smoking Service Manager
Lewis Philip Operations Manager
Lewis Alun Manager
Lewis Sarah
Li Jia
Lindson Nicola PhD Researcher
Lloyd Andy Media, Communications & Social Marketing Manager 
Locker Joanne Regional Tobacco Policy Manager
Lockhart Ian EBM Manager
Logan Alistair Head of Healthcare Development
Logan Valerie Specialist Smoking Cessation Advisor
Longworth Angela Stop Smoking Service Coordinator
Lorencatto Fabi
Luxton Laura PR & Marketing Manager
Luxton Kath Stop Smoking Specialist Coordinator
Lynch Kerry Public Health Specialist
Lynch Jacqueline
Lynch Roisin Health Improvement Senior
MacAskill Susan Senior Researcher
MacFadyen Sheila Stop Smoking Coordinator
MacKenzie Lesley Smoking Counsellor
MacKenzie Martha
Mackinnon Lesley Specialist Smoking Cessation Advisor
MacNab Corrie
Madley-Dowd Richard
Maguire Viv Tobacco Control Development Facilitator
Main Ann Specialist Advisor
Malik Monazza Stop Smoking Communities Coordinator
Mallett Rosie Editor
Marquenie Ferdie Advisor/Coach
Marshall Pat Service Manager
Martin David Smoking Cessation Specialist
Martin  Liz Learning & Development Advisor
Martins Rita
Mather Karen Health Improvement Officer
Mavji Deepa Smokefree Camden Stop Smoking Advisor
McAteer Jane Healthcare Development Manager
McAteer James Smoking Cessation Specialist
McBride Glynis Health Visitor
McCormac Andy
McCririck Claire
McCurrie Stephanie Stop Smoking Service Assistant Manager
McElwee Gerry
McEwen Andy Programme Director
McGinley Dr John Sales & Marketing Manager
McGowan Agnes Health Improvement Lead Tobacco
McIlhinney Gillian Secondary Care Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
McIver Claire Senior Health Improvement Specialist - Smoking Prevention
McKenna Jenny
McManus Kathleen
McMenamy Jacqueline Tobacco Training Officer
McNeil  Fran
McNeill Ann Professor
McParlan Caroline Stop Smoking Advisor
McRobbie Hayden Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Mehmood Raashid NHS Liaison Manager
Mehta Monaz
Meldrum Denise Smoking Cessation Link Practitioner
Merali Afzal
Merrett Richard Development Manager - Stop Smoking Service
Michie Susan Professor of Health Psychology 
Mierlo Trevor van Chief Executive Officer
Miller James Healthcare Development Manager
Millington Helen Stop Smoking Coordinator
Minton Katrina
Molloy Marian Consultant
Montgomery Susan
Moody Russ
Moohan Laura
Moore Fiona Public Health Advisor (Tobacco)
Moorhouse Jim Health Improvement Support Worker
Morrell Yvonne Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Morris Sarah Smokefree Camdens Young Person's Advisor
Morris Dr Chad  Associate Professor
Muir  Mima Health Improvement Practitioner
Muirhead Sheena
Mullen Laura
Munafo Marcus Reader in Biological Psychology
Muncaster Patricia Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Murdoch Tracy Clinical Coordinator Primary Secondary Prevention Services
Murray Rachael Lecturer in Health Policy & Promotion
Nadolski Simon
Nagel John Senior Director, Business Development
Nelson Debbie Health Improvement Senior
Neo Yi Lin Senior Executive
Nguyen Dominick Campaigns and Communication Manager
Niaz Asaf Managing Director
Nicholson Catriona
Norris Tracey
Northen Rachel
Nota Johnny Head of Service
Noxon Rachael Tobacco Control Strategic Coordinator
O'Brien Siobhan Tobacco Control Coordinator
O'Callaghan Johanna
O'Connor Ros
O'Donnell Mark National Coordinator, Smoking Cessation Programme
Offord Linda Programme Lead
O'Gorman Carmel Lead Midwife for Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy
Ojo Isaac Stop Smoking Service Manager
Oldale Helen Stop Smoking Specialist
Olding Ruth Tobacco Control Programme Manager
Oliver Jane Health Improvement Programme Officer (Tobacco)
O'Neill James Service Team Leader
O'Neill Anne Stop Smoking Advisor
O'Sullivan Joan
Owens Christine Service Team Leader
Owens Chris Programme Manager Tobacco Control
Palmer Jill Former Health Editor
Palmer Mike Deputy Director - Public Health Division
Park Christine Health Improvement Practitioner
Parsons Lauren LAAC Smoking Cessation Advisor
Patel Nancie Specialist Smoking Advisor
Patil Sangeeta
Pearce Hazel Specialist Advisor
Pelcot Catherine Training Specialist
Percival Jennifer RCN Tobacco Policy Advisor
Peron Fiona Health Promotion Officer - Training
Petre-Mears Katie
Phebey Marian  Ward Sister
Phillips Helen Conference Coordinator
Pickering Edward Managing Director
Piddock Susan Project Officer - Operations
Pike Vicki Senior Health Improvement Commissioner
Pitt Alex UK Marketing Director
Pohler Richard Healthcare Development Manager
Poole Helen Smoking Cessation Counsellor
Porter Deborah Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Pothecary Sarah Senior Brand Manager
Potts Julie Specialist Maternal Stop Smoking Service Advisor
Powers Dawn Specialist Smoking Cessation Advisor
Poziemski Angela
Preston Andrew Conference Coordinator
Price Vanessa Suffolk Stop Smoking Manager
Pringle Yvonne Smoking Cessation Specialist Nurse
Puckett Lorna Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Pugh Erica Stop Smoking Service Manager
Radley Andrew Consultant in Pharmaceutical Public Health
Rae Susan
Rahman Mutiur Public Health Advisor "Tobacco Control"
Ralph Jacqueline Project Manager
Randall Phil Joint Managing Director
Rasmusson Karin European Regulatory Manager
Raven Jonathan
Reardon Rhona Stop Smoking Coordinator
Regan Doreen Smoking Cessation Specialist  
Rehal Jazz
Reilly Claire Smoking Cessation Coordinator
Reynolds Ross Territory Manager
Rhind Rebekah Stop Smoking Advisor
Richards Lynn  Stop Smoking Advisor
Ricketts Dale Associate Delivery Manager
Ridout Laura Stop Smoking Service Manager
Ritchie Deborah
Roberts Roger Managing Director
Roberts  Jane Head of Tobacco Control
Robertson David Alliances Manager
Robinson Joanne Health Improvement Senior Coordinator
Robinson Dr Jude
Robinson Elaine
Rodway John Operations Director
Ross Louise Tobacco Control Delivery Manager
Rossiter Paul
Rowell Heather
Rowney Jayne Implementation Advisor
Roycroft Emma Commissioning Officer for Prevention and Staying Healthy
Rush Connie Health Improvement Officer
Russell Elspeth Assistant Health Promotion Manager
Rutter Ailsa Director, Fresh
Samson Kay Tobacco Co-ordinator
Sankla Leena Project Director
Scholes Nieva
Scott Victoria Health Improvement Worker
Scott Gillian Specialist Midwife (Alcohol/Tobacco)
Scott Kirsty
Seaman Hazel
Sedani Sejal
Seddon Jeanette Stop Smoking Midwife
Sefton Anthony
Sehmi Kawaldip
Shahab Dr Lion
Shaw April Senior Researcher
Shaw Lucinda Director
Sheffer Christine PhD  
Sherlock Steve 
Shields Helen Regional Development Manager
Shields Adele
Shields Jane Mary
Short Derek
Shroff Glenis Client Recruitment Advisor
Sim John
Skinner Matthew
Skye Carol New Leaf Advisor
Sloan Mary
Smith Amy Health Improvement Worker
Smith Jason
Smith Jessica
Smith Vicky Stop Smoking Service Manager
Smith Linda
Smith Darryl Client Services Director
Smith Heather
Spence   Jan Community Stop Smoking Advisor
Spence-Jones Andy Health Improvement Officer
Stallwood Alex Smoking Cessation Coordinator
Stark Maddie Senior Training & Development Officer
Stead Lindsay
Steer Clare Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Stephenson-Glynn Jane Smoking Cessation Services Manager
Stevenson Gill 
Streets Eileen Director of Tobacco Control
Stuart Helle Public Health Advisor
Styles Mary
Styring Zoe Service Coordinator
Sullivan Carl R
Surtees Wendy Commissioning Officer for Prevention and Staying Healthy
Sutherland Gay
Swindells Rachel Public Health Facilitator
Tait Robert
Tallberg Veronica Associate Director - Manufacturing
Tannahill Cathy
Tanner Louisa Smoking in Pregnancy Coordinator
Tearne Cath Tobacco & Health Worker
Thomas Pat Coordinator
Thomas Julia Senior Public Health Manager, Tobacco Control
Thomas Pam
Thompson Stuart Joint Commissioning Manager 
Thompson Naomi Senior Cancer Prevention Officer
Thomson Heather Programme Director
Thomson Heather
Tickle Dan Chief Executive
Timson Karen Health Improvement Coordinator - Tobacco
Tomlinson Monique Conference Coordinator
Topping  Carol Ann Practice Nurse
Tostevin Andrea Quitline Coordinator
Travis Julie Stop Smoking Coordinator
Trohear Sue Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Trohear Andy Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Tsiopanas Vasilios Stop Smoking Facilitator
Turner Glenn
Turton Liz Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Upton Neil
Vallance Katie LSSS Advisor
Vanpeperstraete Alain Gynaecologist
Varndell-Dawes Paula
Vithlani Meghna Lead Commissioner for Stop Smoking Service
Wade Chris
Walker Charlotte New Leaf Cluster Lead
Wallace Jolene
Walmsley Chris Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Walsby Lin Respiratory Nurse
Walsh Mary
Waltermo Asa Research Associate - Manufacturing
Walton Janet Lead Commissioner - Stop Smoking Services
Wang Dr Cynthia J. Clinical Director
Wareing Hilary Director
Wassum Ken 
Waterston Heather
Watson Elaine Service Manager
Weatherill Tina Stop Smoking Advisor
Welch Catherine Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
West Robert Professor of Health Psychology 
Weustink Marion Training Advisor
White Dr Simon Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
White Lucia
Williams Maria Stop Smoking Service Team Leader
Williams Tina Performance, Improvement & Delivery Manager
Williams Jeanette Manager/Service Lead
Williams Sharon Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Williamson Cathy Health Improvement Practitioner (Smoking Cessation)
Willmore Martyn Performance Improvement Delivery Manager
Wilson Andrew
Wilson Nick Conference Coordinator
Wilson Koo Director, Health Economics & Outcomes Research
Wilson Sue Senior Stop Smoking Specialist Team Leader
Wilson Jill Work place Specialist
Woodall Dianne Public Health Lead for Tobacco & Physical Activity
Woodger Geoff
Woodhouse Arran
Woodvine Jo Manager
Woodworth Liz Stop Smoking Service Manager
Wright Jane
Wrightson Maxine Public Health Ops Manager