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Perspectives on tobacco dependence: seductive diversion workshop
Derek Heim, Senior Lecturer,School of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire, UK


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Derek Heim

This workshop expands on the issues raised in plenary talk by exploring interactively ways in which social approaches to addiction and tobacco dependence might be incorporated into existing cessation policy and practice. The session will address how individual (‘set’) and situational (‘setting’) aspects influence the pharmacological effects of tobacco, and tackle how these factors might be harnessed in cessation efforts.


About the presenter
Derek Heim is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. He is also Associate Editor of Addiction Research and Theory the leading outlet for research and theoretical contributions that view addictive behaviour as arising from psychological processes within the individual and the social context in which the behaviour takes place as much as from the biological effects of the psychoactive substance or activity involved. His recent research interests include the social and cultural impact of the smokefree legislation, drinking cultures and socialisation to alcohol, and the health and well being of minority ethnic communities.


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