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Developing a tobacco cessation programme for the Bangladeshi community: an innovative approach
Jill Goddard, Tobacco Programme Lead and Mutiur Rahman, Tobacco Advisor, NHS Tower Hamlets, London, UK


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Jill Goddard

Mutiur Rahman

Tower Hamlets is a diverse inner city borough with the largest Bangladeshi community in the UK. Tobacco use is very high with over 60% of men smoking, high oral tobacco use in women and rising rates of sheesha pipe smoking in young adults. These high rates of tobacco use contribute to the poor health outcomes experienced by this community.

This workshop/session will describe how the Tower Hamlets Tobacco Alliance has addressed this and will present data to support this.

The approach embraces the key principals of world class commissioning and community capacity building.


About the presenter
Jill Goddard has a background is in respiratory nursing and service development. She has been leading the tobacco programme in Tower Hamlets since 2007 and is leading the implementation of the Tobacco strategy.

Mutiur Rahman works as a tobacco advisor and leads on working with BME groups.


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