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A comprehensive SB4OP programme
Lesley Thomas, Tobacco Control Manager, Smoking Advice Service, Nuffield Clinic, Plymouth, UK and Russell Moody, Service Manager, NHS Stop Smoking Services, Plymouth, UK


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Lesley Thomas

Russell Moody

Plymouth NHS already runs the most comprehensive hospital stop smoking service in the SW. The SB4OP project sets up a GP led referral pathway before elective surgery. The project has the full support of PEC and Sentinel and refers patients at every stage in their pathway, i.e.

  • At the GP stage
  • At the Choice Adviser stage
  • At the pre-op assessment stage
  • At the discharge from hospital stage

It is an opt-out service that is driven by the systems developed (change of forms and computer systems) and the specially trained staff involved.

The workshop will demonstrate the journey of setting up the project and give a clear picture of the systems to be put in place to replicate the referral scheme in another Trust. It will describe the training undertaken and the key stakeholder engagement. There is opportunity for questions and discussion.


About the presenters
Lesley Thomas has been working in tobacco control for 10 years. In this time she has set up services and policies for young people, hospital Trusts, primary care trusts and other organisations.
She co-ordinates the Plymouth Alliance.

Russell Moody is the Plymouth SSS Service Manager and has been working in smoking cessation services for nine years.


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