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Smoking cessation practitioners and the UK public health register
Lilian Somervaille, Vice Chair, UK Public Health Register and Di Roffe, Director of Practitioner Development, Faculty of Public Health (FPH), London, UK


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Lilian Somervaille and Di Roffe

While the focus of UKPHR regulation to date has been at the specialist end of the spectrum, both for Generalists and Defined Specialists, the UKPHR Board has always recognised the importance of the practitioner workforce in delivering the public health agenda. A UK wide consultation on practitioner regulation has now been completed. The results and next steps will be discussed, together with proposals for developing the workforce in the future.


About the presenters
As a public health specialist, Lillian Somervaille’s interest has been both in developing the evidence base for public health and in ensuring the workforce is properly trained and accredited to be fit for purpose. She set up and ran the West Midlands PHO for its first five years, but now as a freelance worker she has more time for workforce development areas. As Vice Chair of the UKPHR Board, Lillian leads for the Board on practitioner regulatory developments.

Di Roffe has been appointed as Director of Practitioner Development at the Faculty of Public Health to lead work to establish education, training and development opportunities for public health practitioners. Di also works at the East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery leading public health workforce and education development. Di has a professional background in nursing and health visiting.


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