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Smoke-free legislation from the perspective of stop smoking service staff and clients
Lucy Hackshaw, PhD Research Health Psychologist, Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath / Cancer Research UK


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Lucy Hackshaw and Miriam Armstrong

Smoke-free legislation is primarily aimed at reducing exposure to second hand smoke. However, research suggests it can also facilitate quit attempts and make smoking less socially acceptable. With the introduction of a smoke-free law in England on July 1st 2007, it was anticipated that many smokers would attempt to access NHS stop smoking services (SSSs) to facilitate their quit attempt. This research explored SSS staff and client’s attitudes towards, and the perceived impact of, the smoke-free legislation.

Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 14 SSS staff and 17 ex-smokers, or smokers in the process of quitting, who were attending an NHS SSS. Interviews explored changes in smoking behaviour, cessation and public attitudes to the legislation. Data were analysed using the framework approach.

Findings suggest that SSS staff and clients’ attitudes can be grouped into three broad themes; Overall opinion of smoke-free, smoke-free and smoking behaviour and public attitude towards smoke-free and smoking.

There were differing opinions, and often the client’s experience of the legislation differed from that perceived by the staff. However, despite some initial apprehensions, the legislation was well received and both clients and staff reported that they believed it had a beneficial impact on the process of smoking cessation.


About the presenter
Lucy Hackshaw is a research health psychologist in the final year of a PhD based at the University of Bath, UK, under the supervision of Dr Linda Bauld (University of Bath) and Dr Andy McEwen (University College London). Her Cancer Research UK funded research explores the implications of smoke-free legislation for NHS stop smoking services. In addition to the PhD Lucy is currently working towards her Doctorate in Health Psychology.


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