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Successful street recruitment to stop smoking services – a practical guide
Matthew Gilbert, Support Officer - Level II Advisor and Justyna Ruszkowska, Assistant Psychologist, Smokefree Camden, London, UK


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Prospect recruitment has become increasingly popular with stop smoking services, with the COI organising recruitment stands across the country. More recently, roving street recruitment has begun to be used and evaluated in increasing detail: However, it is a field that is still undergoing continuous development and innovation.

In 2007/8, Smokefree Camden carried out a pilot for a new method of street recruitment: signing up smokers that were interested in giving up with NHS services, contacting these prospective referrals, and booking them into services. Following initial success with this, a further 35 days of prospect recruitment was commissioned between November 2008 and April 2009.

Throughout our time planning, commissioning and carrying out these activities, we have learnt a considerable amount about common pitfalls at all stages of the process, and ways to plan the campaigns that lead to effective results.

The purpose of this workshop is to inform other Stop Smoking services about our leanings, and work with them to effectively design a campaign. The workshop will take people through from commissioning a company that will fulfill their needs, to carrying out the campaign, tracking and analysing their data effectively and making ongoing improvements to future campaigns.


About the presenters
Matthew Gilbert has worked for Smokefree Camden since February 2008, working closely with level II advisors across the borough, and led on co-coordinating the street recruitment for the department.

Justyna Ruszkowska has worked for Smokefree Camden since July 2008, co-coordinating the services referrals and training staff with telephone support and interventions.


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