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Adolescent education for smoking prevention in Korea
Min-Kyu Choi, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion Center, Dept. of Family Medicine, Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea (South Korea)


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Min-Kyu Choi

To share experiences in fieldwork for intervention and education among school students against tobacco smoking. For prevention of adolescent smoking, timely approach is essential. We provide several times of educations to students, just before leaving Kindergarten (6), just before middle school age (11), just before high school age (14), and just before graduation of high school (17). Intervention to stop smoking for adolescents is available in all semesters. Gwangmeyong City maintains the lower prevalence of smoker than national average.


About the presenter
Min-Kyu Choi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Director of the Center for Smoking Cessation in Gwangmeyong City, Korea.


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