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Pfizer symposium
'Test the smoking cessation nation - it’s fastest finger first to test your knowledge and identify training needs in the smoking cessation community!'
Host: Gay Sutherland, Research Psychologist, Tobacco Research Unit, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London and Honorary Consultant Clinical Psychologist, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, UK and a professional Quiz Master.



Gay Sutherland

Test the smoking cessation nation

Test your knowledge by competing with your region against the rest of the UK in Pfizer’s quiz: ‘Test The Smoking Cessation Nation’. Hosted by Gay Sutherland and a professional quiz master, the North, South, East and West will battle it out to answer a series of puzzlers, including some fast-paced factual questions and some more practical, scenario-based questions on areas such as innovation and marketing your Service. It doesn’t just stop there… the regional scores are sure to drum up some interesting debate, where we’ll be able to share and compare regional variations in Service delivery and help identify training needs for your practice. Join your comrades in a harmless and highly interactive competition to see which region will come out tops!


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