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Smoking in India: patterns and prevalence
P. Thareja, Professor and Sangam Kumar Singh, Student, Punjab Engineering College, Deemed University, Chandigarh, India



In general, cigarettes account for an estimated 20% of tobacco consumption; about 50% of tobacco is consumed in the form of bidis, that is, traditional leaf wrapped unfiltered cigarettes. In India, because of their low cost, bidis are more commonly smoked than cigarettes by individuals of lower socioeconomic position; in turn, cigarettes are more commonly consumed among those with greater financial resources. In this study, we examined social disparities in tobacco use in India. We also examined the effect of smoking on mortality for both men and women in India. It has been found that trends of smoking between men and women show decline due to awareness about health. It has also been found that cigarettes are more harmful than bidis. In this study it is shown that the prevalence of smoking in different adult groups are different.

Finally we concluded that tuberculosis and respiratory diseases are more significantly found in smokers. Design of experiment is used for analysis of tobacco consumption here. It is the ultimate tool for engineers and researchers for statistical analysis.


About the presenter
P.Thareja is a Head of Department in Mettelargy department in Punjab Engineering College, Deemed University. His research interests are total quality management, foundry, welding, corrosion.


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