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Integrated service framework – a diagnostic tool for stop smoking services and commissioners
Sarah Edwards and Gail Addison, Associate Delivery Managers, Tobacco Control National Support Team, Department of Health, London, UK


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Sarah Edwards

Gail Addison

In line with DH Stop smoking service and monitoring guidance (2009) the Integrated Service Framework (ISF) is a suggested model for PCT’s to use to develop integrated stop smoking services which can be both commissioned and provided.

It serves as a framework to ensure that all areas where LSSS are required are properly co-ordinated and understood, within, and by the whole organisation.

The framework is flexible and reaches smokers in all possible settings and high impact population groups such as routine and manual (R&M). This supports the PSA target to reduce smoking prevalence in R&M groups to 26% or less by 2010.

The ISF has been developed, tested and evaluated in the field over the last 12 months and is a joint product between the National Support Team for tobacco control and the DoH tobacco control policy team.


About the presenters
Sarah and Gail both work for the Tobacco Control National Support Team (NST) and have past experience delivering local SSS and tobacco control alliances. A large part of their role in the NST is to provide follow up support to PCTs and local authorities after a diagnostic visit to a particular area for up to 12 months. The ISF is a product that is utilised during the follow up period and has been tested and evaluated during those visits.


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