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An investigation into the current smoking cessation practices of community pharmacists
Seher Kayikci, Prevention Manager, Public Health, NHS Islington, Public Health Department, London, UK


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Seher Kayikci

Pharmacists are ideally placed to provide advice on stopping smoking. Despite evidence showing the positive impact of pharmacy intervention on reducing tobacco use there is considerable variation between pharmacists in terms of the outcomes of the smoking cessation advice. This study has investigated the current practices of community pharmacists in relation to smoking cessation advice and explored the reasons for differences in approaches to recruitment and outcome. Multiple methods, using two different techniques (questionnaire and focus group interviews), were employed to investigate current practices in relation to smoking cessation advice. The pharmacists feel that they are good at identifying smokers when there are identifiable signs such as a cough, smell or stained fingers. When there were no identifiable signs pharmacists found it difficult to intervene because they fear that they will alienate their customers by behaving intrusively. While smoking cessation interventions are already integrated into the routine of many pharmacists, other pharmacists do not use the easiest opportunity – the purchase of NRT – to engage smokers in a conversation. Skill-based training for both pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, ongoing practical support, investment in electronic resources and the promotion of pharmacy-based smoking cessation to GPs were found to be crucial for smoking cessation services provided by community pharmacists to improve in the future.


About the presenter
Seher Kayikci completed her Psychology degree in Turkey and recently completed her MSc in Public Health and Health Promotion. Her main area of interest was in pharmacy based smoking cessation. She managed Islington Stop Smoking Service between 1999 and 2007. In her current role she is responsible for increasing healthy eating and physical activity in Islington.


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