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Make another positive decision – a smoking cessation service for pregnant women and their partners
Sonia Zafar, Hospital and Pregnancy Stop Smoking Specialist / Health Psychologist in Training, Newham PCT/ City University, Public Health Directorate, London, UK


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Sonia Zafar

Aim is to present a different approach to smoking cessation in pregnancy. Newham demographics are very challenging, and developing a service which has received positive outcome and also raised the importance of stopping smoking during pregnancy should be promoted to colleagues. A service was set up specifically to target pregnant women and support their partners in smoking cessation. The referral and quit rates before and after the creation of this dedicated service were compared. The service was set up following an assessment of the needs of pregnant smokers in the borough; barriers to accessing the service; how service delivery could be improved; and how behaviour could be influenced.

The pregnancy service was set up in December 2007 and has received over 400 referrals since then with a 58% quit rate.

There is a dedicated approach to tackling smoking cessation and to retention for this hard to reach group. Uptake of this service has improved threefold. The paper will cover the strategies employed to reduce barriers to access for this service as well as the development of an effective intervention.


About the presenter
Sonia Zafar is a Stop smoking specialist for hospital and pregnancy as well as a Health Psychologist in training at City University.


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