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‘Act on Smoking’ – an innovative preventative tool for young people
Tom High, Young Person's Coordinator - Tobacco Control, NHS South West Esse, UK and Dale Beaumont-Smith, Project Manager - PHYT Media, NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney, UK


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Tom High


Michael Hurcum Dale Beaumont-Smith

The presentation will show outline a model for a preventative smoking model for use with young people, called Act On Smoking. The project involved year 9 students, writing, directing and producing their very own TV advert, aimed at young people of their own age. The final 10 entrants were produced with the help of a professional film crew and shown in front of over 500 people at a gala premiere night at Basildon Towngate Theatre. The adverts are currently being compiled and will be sent to all 5,000 year 9 students in South West Essex. We will present this best practice model in a workshop environment, highlighting the innovative nature of the projects use of media and empowerment. We will also be able to show the winning adverts. The workshop will cover all aspects of the project from conception to completion and offer the chance for further PCTs to take this model of best practice and utilise it around the country.


About the presenter
Tom High is a Health Improvement Specialist (Smoking and Young People) Vitality Health and Wellbeing, NHS South West Essex. “I wrote this project as a result of similar school based workshops I was running in the area producing such great work.”

Mike Hurcum is a Health Improvement Practitioner, Vitality Health and Wellbeing. “I was involved in the management of Act On Smoking, with a degree in Media Production and as a Smoking Cessation Advisor, I could see the huge potential benefit of such a project.”

Dale Beaumont Smith is Project Manager, PHYT Media, NHS Greay Yarmouth and Waveney. “I was commissioned by Vitality Health and Wellbeing to produce the young people’s work, although
I soon became involved in a consultancy role due to the size of and the interest in the project.”


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