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An effective strategy for helping clients who have failed in the past?


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Author and presenter:
Alan Curley
Director of Therapeutic Change, UC-MindSolutions, Paisley, UK

Using the personal-imagery-linked-active-repetition (PILAR) system, which has been shown to be successful in helping professional sportsman increase their mental and physical performance, we helped 69 out of 100 clients (69%) quit smoking for 4 weeks or more, who had previously failed under the traditional smoking cessation methods. Many traditional smoking cessation methods are now being found to be less successful in helping the ‘hard to reach and difficult clients,’ from quitting smoking. These clients often include those from socially deprived areas, those with mental health issues or those with other addiction issues. The PILAR system uses evidence-based components from traditional smoking cessation interventions as well those from CBT, counselling, NLP, sports psychology and stress management in order to help people change routines and emotional-associations within an 8 session period.

We worked with 100 clients who had previously failed to quit smoking under traditional smoking cessation methods and carried out the PILAR-change system with them (40 clients in a one to one setting and 60 within a group setting). The results were that 26 out of the 40 clients (65%), on a one to one basis quit and 43 clients out of the 60 group-clients (72%) quit for 4 weeks or more. This system seems to be extremely effective at helping clients who have tried and failed to quit before under traditional methods. It may be the new tool for helping the more difficult smokers to quit

Source of funding: Private funding

Declaration of interest: none

About the presenter
Alan Curley has a wealth of experience working with both addiction and sports clients, using the latest strategies and techniques available in the ‘mind-therapies’ field. He was the founder of the PILAR Change-system which is now routinely used with professional sportsman. This system uses a blend of evidence-based components from traditional cessation/addiction interventions, as well as components from CBT, Counselling, NLP, stress management and sports psychology.


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