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Routine antenatal specialist clinics for pregnant smokers – the way forward?


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Authors and presenters:
Lisa Fendall
Specialist Midwife, Rotherham Community Health Centre, Rotherham NHS, UK

Wendy Griffith
Specialist Midwife, Rotherham NHS, UK

Rotherham has a high infant mortality and stillbirth rate. A recent audit highlighted that 70% of stillbirths over the last year occurred in smoking mothers. This presentation is examining the benefits of running specialist stop smoking clinics as part of routine antenatal care in the hospital setting.

Pregnant women are automatically seen following antenatal scan/appointments where treatment options are discussed and follow up appointments arranged. Failure to comply with offered treatment is documented in medical notes and patients’ are routinely seen through out pregnancy, where treatment options are discussed again. We can present how and why this service re-design was necessary, how it was implemented and the uptake and effectiveness so far. We intend to evaluate post one year to examine infant mortality and stillbirth rates.

Source of funding: Nil needed

Declaration of interest: none

About the presenters
Lisa Fendall has worked in Stop Smoking Services for the last 10 years and Specialist Midwife for the last 8 years. Lisa is a National Trainer and has presented with Alex Bobak at the UKNSCC. She worked closley with the media to promote effectiveness of interventions for pregnant women.

Wendy Griffith is a Specialist Midwife for smoking in pregnancy.
She developed the Pregnancy Service in Rotherham 8 years ago and has been working there ever since delivering services to pregnant women and their families. Her background is Nursing and Midwifery.


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